The Man by the well

There is a Man by the well. The man is a Jew
Strange, Jews have no dealings with Samaritans
She braced herself to draw water for her water-pot
Her mind was still wounded, her emotions still dead
Her heart as always was heavy, her soul still burdened
Then the Man by the well spoke, saying, ‘Give me a drink’

The Gift of Myrrh

Gold, frankincense and myrrh, wise men brought 
To He, whose star had appeared in the night sky
Gifts symbolic of the life and death of Christ Jesus
Wise men came from the East and foretold this day
The day the Lord of all, for all of us, went to Sheol


If He appears now, right there in the sky
And He roars with the sound of a trumpet
A mighty shout like that of an archangel

If the mountains skip away like lambs
And the sun hides its face in fear and trembling
For the King has arrived, the Lord of all