Lost since

At times, we are victims of unloving fathers
Earthly fathers that belittle the girl-child
Making us question our very own source
The tree from which we sprung cast us aside
Labelling us solely by the gender we carry
Causing us immense emotional damages
Inflicting harm no man can ever save us from

Lost truths

They lured us with passionate songs of lust 
Impregnated us and added us to their harem 
The boys and men that should call us blessed
Collect the daughters of Sarah as possessions
Helpmeets, now reduced to servants, fighting 
To win the hearts of mortal men made of dust
Neglecting that of the Father that so love them


She says she is ugly, she is not thin enough
She says she is fat, short she is not beautiful 
She ignores the ‘beautiful’ verdict of the Creator
But she believes all the reports of the created
She was made to reveal the warmth of God
But alas, that which was made for honor
Sadly, has lost all her virtues to dishonor