Beauty and her beast

Do not curse love, all you lovers of perfection
Hate not the blossoming spring of affections
Twixt beauty and the beast, inimitable fairytale
As old as time and rhyme, yet never stale

Do not throttle the graceful glow in her eyes
The lady sees stars in the dark gloomy skies
Limpid, her eyes gazed at him in adoration
He, whom the world frown at in derision

Step Back! Let love for such a time as this
Be true; testify that fairytales could have a twist
Let the beauty in the heart of the fair maiden
Shine light into the soul of the loathed heathen

Let the fears of rejection melt in the fire of tender care
Sentiments begone! unveil the naked truth if you dare
Let the petals of true love once lost, gently drift and fall
On the wings of selfless and untainted passion, that’s all.

This is Beauty and this is Her Beast.

Kemisola explains

We judge. And when we judge, we want others to do the same. We form groups and gangs and opinions. Then we turn our judgement to “the way things are”. We create class, castes, social status, rankings, race, and so on.

But Jesus told us not to judge. To see diamonds in the rough, to see the potential in that business, even the possibility of redemption. Like Jesus.

Some of us, His sheep, have tried to imitate Him in this way. We all have different temperaments and maturity levels in the Kingdom and that is ok. As long as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, He will perfect us in His time.

For those that see beyond the dirt, this poem is for you.

KJV Genesis 1:31 – And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

For those of us that still see the beast, that still see the dirt; find out what the Bible says about this in this write up – 37 top verses about judging others


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