When God asks me questions

A day may come when these murmurs will judge me
When the wisdom of men will become foolish
When God Himself will ask me questions
What then would my response be
How do I answer the questions of The King
All knowing, All Powerful, Almighty,
whose knowledge is beyond human comprehension
How can I speak, when Eternity Himself speaks

Jesus little bride

The first time I heard about You, really heard about You, I fell.
I was just a wee little girl, barely eight or nine years old but I knew
I knew I wanted You in my life. It had to be You, undebatable!
As a little girl, it was quite overwhelming to deal with the rush of love
So I decided, Yes! that I was going to marry You immediately.

Your presence

Spirit of God, are you still with me
Or have I finally lost your presence, the peace beside the still waters
Am I too far gone to feel the fullness of your Glory, your heavenly radiance
Am I now lost in the world, a wanderer, unable to find my way back home
Back to your love that encompasses me with courage and hope everlasting