30 minutes of praise or
50 minutes of my favorite show on Netflix
Choice: Obviously. Netflix. 4 hours.
I’ll praise later
Later: slept off

1 hour of bible study or
30 minutes of jewel matching game
Choice: 2 hours of jewel matching game
I’ll study it together with memory verse later
Later: I’ll just study the whole of Luke, later
Later: Later..

1 day of fasting and prayer
3 days of fasting and prayer
Choice: hmm, I’ll do it with the RCCG fast
RCCG fast: I’ll join next week
Next week: I’ll join tomorrow but break at 12 noon
Tomorrow: Breaks at 11:58.
With amala, gbegiri, ewedu, goat meat and chilled coke

3 days of seeking God’s face on this matter
Or phone a pastor on this matter
Choice: 3 days of seeking God’s face
Actual: phoned a pastor for guidance.
They are God’s divine emmisaries
I prayed about it though. For 10 minutes

What did God say about mercy
Choice: Search the scriptures about it
Actual : googled it, pinned the page
nicely bookmarked under ‘Church stuffs’
Promptly forgot about it.

Me: God, give me more anointing
More ability to reveal your glory and power
(Speaks voraciously in tongues)

God: Done, when you change your choices.

I recommend the message in the link below on ‘choices’.

Minister – Rev Mrs Mary Ochengele
Receiving a pattern that brings His Glory

Receiving a pattern that brings glory


    • Anonymous


      So true and sad!? Lord, give us the grace to continually want to be in your presence! AMEN.

  1. Joe


    The tongues part killed it for me: “likapukakamikamukikikibransofata yayyayayamitaladasikababasikaka“
    Lord give me a broken heart, a heart that earnestly seeks you. No procrastination. Your will to do. Today, right now… Amen.

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