First, I smelled fear
Not just any kind of fear
Worldwide fear, so manic that even kings bowed
World powers were shaken from their roots, all trembled
A plague has come to test us

Then fear brought panic
News of this Goliath, this plague spread
Even the saints, believers who had fed from Zion
Those who had history of the mighty hand of the Lord
Forgot all they ever heard from the master

Only few stood their ground
These ones rose up like David in battle
Furious at the onslaught of this noisome pestilence
Unperturbed by the panic around us all, they resisted
And went to war on their knees

They roared at this Goliath
These ones that have been trained in Victory
They joined hands in intercession for the nations
Prayers of mercy ascended to the Great I am, The Lord of Hosts
We are them, who come in the Name of Jesus

Fear not, remember His Words
Fear can never produce deliverance nor safety
But Forever, O God, Your Word is settled in Heaven!
It’s time for war, the battle line has been drawn
The Lamb of God has won again

Saints, gird up in the armory!
The fight we fight is already won, we are defenders
This fight we fight is a fight of faith, a battle of thrones
Hell and darkness has challenged the Light of God
But the Light always shines in darkness

So exchange despair for prayers
Speak the Word against all evil news
Stand as a priest over your family, travail, insist
Refuse to faint; we won this before we started
Let everyone say Jesus is Lord!

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