Lost truths

They lured us with passionate songs of lust 
Impregnated us and added us to their harem 
The boys and men that should call us blessed
Collect the daughters of Sarah as possessions
Helpmeets, now reduced to servants, fighting 
To win the hearts of mortal men made of dust
Neglecting that of the Father that so love them

From our youth, they feed us sinful fairytales
Of damsels in distress, of Cinderella in crisis
And the knight in shining armour that saves her
They deny us the opportunity to know the Truth
That for all mankind and for all His daughters 
Christ died and made us wholesome, strong
Beautiful, blessed, graceful and so complete 

That in Him now, we live and move and exist
That we need not tend to any insecurity, no!
We do not need saving, we are already saved
No need to prove our beauty; we are beautiful
We are fearfully and wonderfully made in Him
We do not need the boy-child to feel better
God’s Word is the sustenance of our be-ing 

Sadly, the truth is far from the King’s daughters 
We behave like paupers, begging for attention 
We line our lips with lies, hues of scarlet red
And on our eyelids, lines in thick dark black
Now, we see darkness as light, see lies as truth
Lionesses, shrinking away from the cat’s meow
Lost, lost, mourn, mourn; for the lost truths 
We daughters of Sarah have lost our minds 


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