She says she is ugly, she is not thin enough
She says she is fat, short she is not beautiful 
She ignores the ‘beautiful’ verdict of the Creator
But she believes all the reports of the created
She was made to reveal the warmth of God
But alas, that which was made for honor
Sadly, has lost all her virtues to dishonor

She believes all the lies told by the hirelings
She let the wolf in sheep’s clothing deceive her
Now she goes around naked; she calls it sexy
And that which was never designed for sex
defines herself by the very thing she abhors
That which was created to be a helpmeet
Has become the source of many’s downfall

Nothing is good enough for her anymore
For her waning confidence, she wants it all
She is a sensual being, in love with carnality 
She will get boob jobs, butt jobs, face jobs
Unsatisfied unless she gets a ‘perfect’ visage
Not fair enough, thin enough; not rich enough 
Who lied to you that you are not good enough 

Shameless, she sold herself out like Gomar
Daughters, esteemed in the Father’s eyes
Lost in the woods, and yet oblivious to it all
Made for royalty and honor, a ‘good thing’
Which all men should search out from Father
Is now available to whoever can pay the price
Lost, lost, mourn, mourn; for we are lost
We daughters of Sarah have lost our minds



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