My superpower

When I was much younger
I wished that I could read minds
Then, I’d know who really loved me
And who thought of me as a friend
I’d know those who wished me well
And peep into the minds of wicked ones

I wanted to fly up, high in the skies
Leap my way through the thick clouds
And jump down into the oceans below 
Like the plunging cascades of waterfalls
I wanted to touch the shimmering stars
And kiss the silver moon goodnight

Time passed, and my wishes changed 
I wanted to become an invisible girl
Then I could go and come as I please
Hide away from all wicked people
I would identify who committed a crime
And escape dangerous situations

I wanted to be invisible…

When evil times became as real as life
I started wishing I could unleash fire
There were just too many evil people!
I wanted to avenge the helpless victims 
I dreamt of torching corrupt politicians
And destroying their looted possessions.

Later, I began to wish for lots of money
At first, it was to meet various needs of people
But then it would not hurt to get a yacht 
Pamper my aged mom and my loved ones
Invest heavily in some choice real estate 
And keep the rest for my future generation.

But now, I could wish for nothing else
Except that power which I already have
Spirit of God, dwelling in me, leading me
Pulling down strongholds of my mind 
Casting down arguments and high things
Teaching me to live just by Faith, in His Word

My Lord, my superpower.

Your Word lights my feet, its a lamp to my path
How I love Your precepts, they heal my soul
Father of mine, You confound me, day after day
With the Wisdom of Your eternal counsel
And from Your Holy Words, I need not worry
You, oh Lord, are the only superpower I need

I'd love to hear from you.