If He appears now, right there in the sky
And He roars with the sound of a trumpet
A mighty shout like that of an archangel

If the mountains skip away like lambs
And the sun hides its face in fear and trembling
For the King has arrived, the Lord of all

If He comes before we wake tomorrow
Will I be caught up, like a beam of light
Or would I be the other one left on the field

Or should I prepare for His coming like a bride
Perfume my life with His ointment as a new wife
Ready and waiting for the bridegroom to come

Its time for me to go back to the Word of God
Its time to beg the Lord of Mercy for mercy
And ask for a new heart and grace to live right

So that whether He comes today or tomorrow
If He postpones His coming to another generation
Ill never be caught unawares, I will be ready

Ill pray. Ill beg. Ill ask for Grace. Ill ask for direction
Ill set myself on the watchtower as I watch and pray
Ill study His Word, do what He says and love Him

I'd love to hear from you.