Summary of New Testament

Summary of New Testament

The New Testament is made of of the gospels (4 books), Acts of the apostles (1 book), the letters of Paul (14 books), the letters of other apostles (7 books) and Revelations(1 book). All 27 books. See quick summary of the books below.

The gospel

Jesus, the Word made flesh came into the world, grew, and began His ministry after being baptized by John the Baptist. He healed the sick, cast out devils, walked on water, raised the dead, calmed the storm and trained men on principles of Heaven. He then took the journey to the cross and died for all mankind. But He rose again. On the third day. First, He ascended to Heaven to the father, then came back to show Himself to His disciples. That was when He gave us power, authority,instructions and prayed for all mankind. After all this, He handed us over to the Holy Spirit, the Governor of the new dispensation and executor of the new covenant. These were captured in Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.


The book of Acts is a standalone. It’s the history of the church. This is where the dispensation of the Holy Spirit began. Mere men begin to lavishly display such dimensions of the Spirit as given to them. The love and invitation spilled over to the gentiles and a reconciliation was achieved between men and God. The book of Acts is really a must read for every Christian that desire to walk in anointing. The principal actors were first Peter and later, the charismatic Paul. See summary of book of Acts here >>>

Paul’s letters

Paul’s primary ministry was to gentiles and here he wrote extensively to gentile churches that are just now knowing the ways of God. He wrote a total of 14 letters to 11 recipients.

– Romans: First he wrote to the church in Rome. About how we now operate by Grace and Truth and that we no longer live Accor to the law. See summary of Romans in link >>>

– Corinthians(1&2): to the Corinth church two letters at different times. Excellent letters.
– Galatians: to the Galatian church
– Ephesians: Here, Paul wrote what was considered the apex of his apostleship letter to the Ephesians church. This was a very complete letter that captures every part of a Christian experience. It’s a must read.
– Philippians: to the church in Philippi, a colony of retired Roman soldiers that were facing lots of opposition
– Colossians – to the church in colosse, gentile Christians that Paul have not yet met but who were greatly confused and in need of direction especially with respect to the law versus the new covenant.
– Thessalonians (1&2): Just like with new converts, these new Christians too were really confused, though they loved God. Paul wrote to encourage them and also correct some errors.

– [x] To specific persons – Paul wrote to Timothy (2 letters), Titus and Philemon.
– [x] To a Jewish people – Paul wrote to Hebrews, the only non gentile church he wrote to in the Bible.

Letters to the Jews by other disciples

Peter (1&2)
John (1,2&3)

The book of revelation

A deep revelation of the end time and end of the world by God . This revelation was made known to John in the isle of Patmos.

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