The Gift of Myrrh

Gold, frankincense and myrrh, wise men brought 
To He, whose star had appeared in the night sky
Gifts symbolic of the life and death of Christ Jesus
Wise men came from the East and foretold this day
The day the Lord of all, for all of us, went to Sheol

Gold, pure gold, offered they to the King of Kings
The highest royalty has come to the sons of men
The King not crowned, One who is Royalty forever
Yet died for all, we honor You with this Myrrh
Wise men, how did you know that a King is born?

To the most High Priest, we offer this frankincense 
He is the One who for us, would offer atonement
His blood will wash us clean, forever and once for all
His righteousness He will give us, then die for our sins
He will crucify the body of flesh and we will live, again

Bring gifts of Myrrh, to the spotless Lamb of God
Mary, anoint His feet with your tears, kiss His feet
Smash the jar of Alabaster, pour fragrant oil on Him
Wipe it all with your hair, He is the glory before time
Our Lord is going to the grave, this is the end of it all 

He has paid the price for our sins! It is done! It is finished!
The Lamb of God offered His life to ransom you and me
From this death, the Lord rose in victory as the King
He ascended to Heaven onto the Father as our High Priest
To offer His precious blood; an atonement for our sins

King, Priest, Saviour
Gold, Frankincense, Myrhh

The gifts of the wise men were symbolic.

– Gold meant Royalty
– Frankincense meant Priesthood
– Myrrh meant Death

It is resurrection day! When we celebrate resurrection, what do we think it is about? Is it about Easter, eggs, bunnies and hunts? Or is it the day we reflect on our lives and do a spiritual check-up?

Am I living a resurrected life? Am I living the fullness of the life He died for? Am I living for Him Or am I still doing whatever my heart desire?

I'd love to hear from you.