The Man by the well

There is a Man by the well. The man is a Jew
Strange, Jews have no dealings with Samaritans
She braced herself to draw water for her water-pot
Her mind was still wounded, her emotions still dead
Her heart as always was heavy, her soul still burdened
Then the Man by the well spoke, saying, ‘Give me a drink’

A Jew wants a drink from her, a Samaritan woman?
In her frustration, she vented her wrath on Him
How could You, a Jew, ask me, a Samaritan for a drink?
She was upset; at life, at Jews, and at the whole world 
But the Man by the well began to speak strange things 
And the words He spoke to her were Spirit; they were life 

He said He would give her living water, if she asked
Water that will become a fountain springing to eternal life
That whoever drinks of this water would not thirst again
The Man at the well told her about her life and struggles
But He did not judge her, neither did He condemn her
Then, the Man at the well told her that God is seeking her

That now, she will no longer be estranged from God
That she will worship the true God in spirit and in truth
And the place of worship is in her heart, not the synagogue
He spoke kindly to her and treated her as if she mattered
He transferred life to her and her spirit came alive
Her hope was renewed, and her faith was quickened

She spoke to Him, asked questions. He answered them all
And one by one, the wounds in her heart were all healed
She no longer felt ashamed, she has now found her source
Everyone who heard her ran to partake of this glory
Her life changed, when she met the Man by the well
The woman that comes at noon has met the Messiah

This is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The lamb that came to set free ‘ALL’ men. It doesn’t matter what tribe or what the past of a man is, Jesus is able to save us all. The woman in this story of John 4:1-42 has undoubtedly gone through a lot. She has had five husbands and was currently with one that was not her husband. She could have child bearing issues, domestic violence. disappointments, and self confidence issues. But when a woman meets the Lord, she finally finds her source. Hallelujah!

A woman that knows God has no confidence issues. No matter how bad the past is, God is capable of restoring goodness to our lives and decorating it so beautifully. Let every man or woman find and attach to the Lord, our source. Without Him, we cannot have any life-giving water that would quench our thirst and satisfy us. Only with Christ is there satisfaction for mankind.

And although some have gone through very bad and terrible situations, God is seeking them, so that in the place of worship with Him, He can soothe their wounded hearts and comfort them.



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