The Six Marys

The Birthing Mary
Blessed, favored and precious mother
She will conceive, travail and birth purposes
Her Seed will crush the head of the serpent
No sacrifice is too much, she will go all the way
And she will bring forth the Christ to the people

The Loving Mary
Smashed the alabaster box with fragrant oil
She will anoint his feet and dry Him with her hair
Her glory she has submitted for the Glory of the Lord
Her love is reckless, she would always be found at His feet
She is a living portrait of Koinonia, intimacy beyond words

The Crucified Mary
Tenacious, she refused to let go of the Lord
She is broken, and would cry until the Lord shows up
Even when angels appear, her obsession is her Lord
She is so dead to the world that only Him can light her up
She will reveal the death and resurrection of the Lord

The Warrior Mary
A priest, dainty but dangerous on her knees
And with intercession, she will bring Heaven down
She is a burden bearer, the one that burns sweet incense
She will legislate, pray and labour until Peter is set free
The roar of the Lion of Judah shall be heard in her voice
She is a terror, known as the lioness, a woman of prayer

The Infuential Mary
She own the hearts of kings, like Esther 
She is the company of Joanna, has access to the palace
With her substance and in her marriage, Christ is glorified
She will take mountains for Him, she sits manning the gates
She, with her husband, the Clopases, have left all for Him
She has the ears of princes and her whisper is ‘Christ’

The Working Mary
Like a balm, she soothes the labor of the body
She gathers the young and teaches them the Way
She gets her hands dirty, a worker in the house of God
She will clean and feed, cook and serve, clothe and nurture
She will nourish and minister care to the Church of God
She will spend and be spent, yet she does it all for the Master

Hallelujah! Knowing that the women, daughters of the living God are part and parcel of His army blesses my heart. Sisters are lionesses that must rise up and not be at ease. We have a lot of work to do.

Rise up sisters.

Let us birth the purposes of the Kingdom of God like Mary the mother of Jesus. Indeed, let us love Him recklessly like Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha. It is okay to smash that alabaster box. Let us hold on to Him like Mary Magdalene whilst we experience His Death and Resurrection. With the roar of a mighty lioness like Mary, mother of John Mark, let us insist until Peter is set free. Let us follow Him to the cross like Mary, wife of Clopas. And let us nurture and keep the church together like Mary of Romans 16:6.

It’s time to rise up lionesses and take our place in the army of our Father, just like the Six Marys.

This write-up was birthed at the sermon of my mentor, Apostle Arome Osayi of Remnant Christian Network. Please follow link to be edified by the messages. It is a three part series titled; The Map of the Marys.

1 – The Map of the Marys (Part 1) – Introduction

2 – The Map pf the Marys (Part 2) – Doctrine and Practice Order

3 – The Map of the Marys (Part 3) – (Authority and Structure)


  1. Eman


    An amazing write-up I am a JOSEPH too a father, defender and preserver.who else thinks so??

  2. CEU


    Lionesses truly need to rise in these times. I pray that women begin to realize their critical role in the agenda of God at this time. It just seems the devil has crafted a careful plan to keep women busy with everything else but Jesus. Lord! Please help us recover our women from the tentacles of this age

  3. Anonymous


    All these women weren’t glaring so to speak in the scriptures, they all were subtly mentioned but you sort them out and found their strengths which we can emulate today!
    Great piece.

  4. Anonymous


    Cool article.. now I know the other Marys. I have been wondering who they are and what they represent. Thanks Sis Kem U re a blessing

  5. Ehi


    this is so powerful, reminding us of who we are and what place we are called to occupy. indeed it is rewarding to know that the LORD has need of us in this glorious time and we all have an important role to play . I feel Honored and privileged. GOD be praised. thank you beloved sister we appreciate you

  6. Obasuyi


    Very insightful piece. May God continue to give you more wisdom to do more for him.i celebrate you sis!

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