The Woman that comes at noon

She never comes to fetch water in the morn
For all the women of the land would be here 
With their pitchers, buckets and waterpots
They will draw from Jacob’s well all morning
Only at noon, would she dare come to draw

This is the woman that comes at noon
For by then, those who know her story
And those that shamed her at the market places
Who denied her entrance into the synagogue
Will be done and long gone from Jacob’s well

The wounds she carried were as deep as the well
Her damage as brutal as the harsh afternoon sun
And her shame had clothed her in a dirty old rag 
She thirst often but all she had to drink was water
She hungers and all she had to eat was bread

Five husbands gone, and now she lives in sin
All life had offered her was disappointment and tears
Even worse, she worships amiss, she is Samaritan 
Estranged from the God of Father Abraham 
Her identity has been lost to life and circumstances 

Here she is, the woman that comes at noon
As usual, her gait is unsure, and her face wearied
She drew nearer, her water pot upon her shoulder
Suddenly, she stopped. And looked. Who is this? 
Today, she is not alone; there is a Man by the well

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The Man by the well

The concluding part will include the exhortation and lessons from that encounter. It is a must read.

Pictures used are sourced freely from Free Bible Images

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