Your presence

Spirit of God, are you still with me
Or have I finally lost your presence, the peace beside the still waters
Am I too far gone to feel the fullness of your Glory, your heavenly radiance
Am I now lost in the world, a wanderer, unable to find my way back home
Back to your love that encompasses me with courage and hope everlasting

Spirit of God, do you still speak to me
Is that your whisper I hear, or have I deafened my ears to your voice
So much that  I lost sensitivity to the messages from the throne of Grace
Once a princess of the Kingdom, now driven like chaff in the winds of life
Journeying by power of deduction, helpless from lack of spiritual direction

Spirit of God, do you still touch my life
Like once before, when your touch of fire ignites a divine light within me
Driving a revival across my life, quickening my body with spiritual strength
Then, I stood tall like the heir to the throne, bold as a lion, meek as a lamb
Knowing Him, My God who strengthens me, performing legendary exploits

Spirit of God, do you still convict me
Or have I been left to the idols of my heart, the deadly desires of my flesh
My Lord! how I miss your rebuke, the punishments meted out in love
Correcting waywardness in discipline, guiding me firmly with your rod
Igniting a heart that was truly sorry, building a character worthy of glory

“Spirit of the Living God, Am I still yours?”

Spirit of God, do you still hear my prayers
Connecting me to the mercy seat, to the presence of the Most High
As I bow my head in adoration, and raise my voice in intercession
Do my weak prayers still come before you as a sweet smelling savor
Or like the fragile wings of a wisp, does it disappear with the lightest wind

Spirit of God, Holy Spirit of God
Please have mercy on my soul, raise my spirit one more time
Quench the deadly fire of worldly lust of my flesh with your river
Create a new heart within me, that I may long for you and you always
That I may be rid of all sins, serve you wholly and feel your presence again

Update:March 9, 2020
My goodness! This never grew old. This for me was more than a poem, more than a write-up. This was my prodigal son and lost sheep song. Looking back at this now, I realized He heard me. And He gave me another chance. He helped me to know Him more. I am not there yet, but I know He holds me in His hands, his fragile little one.

I know now, I am the apple of His eye. He loves me. And because I know He loves me, Ill rather die than let Him go. His love is what drives me, everything else is an addition.



  1. Joe


    Spirit of God do you still move me… to do things strange to my persona, oblivious to my subconscious through You bearing the touch of heaven to my generation.
    Oh Spirit of God.

  2. Anonymous


    Hebrews 11v6, makes us realized that with faith we have access to God and when God seems quiet or moving away, its is the duty of a believer to build up his faith altar. The devil is out majorly to steal, kill and destroy our faith like in the garden of Eden (Unbelief to God’s word…YE SHALL NOT DIE). Because once the faith channel is interrupted, A believer exhibit dryness

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